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All our family are cat-lovers. We have shared our lives and our various houses with many cats throughout our fairly long lives.
Over 25 years ago we saw a need for a shop selling only beautiful, interesting and unusual gifts for cat lovers. We decided that when the time was right we would be that shop.
We love seeking out original and beautiful cat-themed gifts, art, jewellery, cards (and everything else).

Our cats have always been our 'tattypussies'. We purchased the tattypuss domain names ( and in 2003 and began our serious research and planning shortly afterwards. 

Browse our site in your own time: you will find lots of amazing cat-themed things. Our specialties are greeting cards and jewellery. We don't believe you'll find a better selection of these anywhere else. There are times when we are short on some items, but this is just a consequence of being a small business - we have limitations.
Our hope is that you will land on our shop looking for a particular cat item - and then browse to find beautiful gifts that take you by surprise.....

Cat Art

Our Cat Art section is always expanding. British artists are some of the best in the world. Many sell their work through local and national galleries as limited edition signed prints. We have several accomplished artists who also sell their prints and original art through Tattypuss.
Building this section is slow work. Each artist may have just one or two works which would be suitable for Tattypuss. The artists themselves (quite rightly) may have concerns about selling directly from a website - We think we have answered these concerns (and our sales figures confirm this).
We currently have signed prints by fabulous artists including Denise Laurent, Tamsin Lord, Mary Stubberfield, France Bauduin, Barbara Karn, and Helen Rhodes. We are building on these slowly but surely. W`e always welcome submissions from independent artists.

Our business

We remain an independent family business. We share our time between running Tattypuss and looking after the lovely campers that stay with us at Greendale Farm, our 5***** Caravan & Camping Park in Rutland. (And yes, we do have quite a few camping cats. Our favourite regular is Oscar). Have a look at our campsite too if that is something of interest. We can recommend a lovely cattery in Oakham!
Our focus with Tattypuss is on providing top quality products and a great service for cat lovers. 
Our home doubles as our office (but not as our warehouse), and we use this address for all correspondence and returns. We share our home with two beautiful and original cats - Minty and Fudge. 

Thank you for visiting Tattypuss.


Chris and Jo 


Our Cats 


Following the sad demise of Minkey (the world's most grumpy cat) at the age of 20 we now share our home and office with Minty and Fudge. They are chalk and cheese sisters (Fudge is the cheese).

Minty is not too bright, but she is extremely sweet and beautiful. Fudge is a rogue. They are inseparable.