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Houtong - Is this the first real cat-friendly town?

Saturday, 23 March 2013  |  Tattypuss

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The Taiwanese town of Houtong is undergoing a cat-friendly makeover!

Houtong is a redundant mining town near the north-west coast of Taiwan. The mine closures had such an effect on the residents that the town's cats looked for a solution. And being cats they knew they were gorgeous and beautiful and persuaded the townsfolk to promote them as a tourist attraction........................It worked, the town is now known as 'Cat Town", visitors come from all over the lisland to see the hundreds of cats. The residents do very well from this, and so look after the cats and the circle is complete.winning Britain's first animation Oscar.

 When I say 'look after the cats' they perhaps take things a bit too far. The town is in the process of building a cat flyover, complete with cat furniture and resting areas. They hope that overpass will attract the cats, and so attract the tourists and everybody will be happy.

 City official Chen Ching-fang said to the Tiipei Times, "We must take the cats’ needs into consideration because they have become an important part of the town. It is expected to not only benefit cats, but also attract cat-lovers".

Wow - haven't we got a lot to learn in the UK!