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Cat Gifts for Cat Lovers - A little update from Tattypuss for 2015

Sunday, 14 December 2014  |  Tattypuss


Well here we are at the start of another year.  We will be working hard to make sure that 2015 is just as productive and even more fun than 2014.  We've posted a few key developments below -

This is perhaps the trickiest and most rewarding piece of work we have done this year -  since June our customers have been able to browse and buy on their phones using a cut down, but fully functioning version of Tattypuss specifically enhanced for phones.
All our cat-loving customers can browse our gifts and cards and pay instantly using PayPal or card. It has made a big difference - and we are still working on making it even better.... 

You will know if you read our updates that it has long been our ambition to display and sell original interesting feline art on Tattypuss. This is not as easy as it sounds. A website is perhaps not the best portal for the promotion of art. We know we are not going to sell large numbers - but there are other benefits. We know our customers like lovely things, and sometimes its just nice to browse beautiful works even if you have no intention of buying them. We also know that many artists struggle to make a decent living from their work - so to have their art and their details searchable and viewable of the internet is a boost. We don't mind if you browse Tattypuss and then buy from the artists themselves - that's fine and to be expected. We just love working with these talented people. Have a look at our art section if you haven't already. Denise Laurent and France Bauduin are there already and there are more amazing artists coming your way in 2015.

We have found some great new products this year, amongst the highlights are -
CICCIA: amazing soft leather purses and bags, beautifully designed and very functional too.  
PERRY LANCASTER - WOW - his individually carved cats are sensational - and this follows on from our comments above about working with individually talented artists who brighten our lives and our websites with their gifts.
GOVINDER - One of our favourite artists whose death was a huge blow to everybody who loved his art. Historically his art was turned into beautiful things by Royal Worcester - however since they were taken over some years ago, Govinder's art ceased production - until 2014 that is. We now have lots of lovely things featuring his awesome cat designs, from Champagne flutes to mantelpiece ornaments.

So what can you expect in 2015. Well quite a bit really. We will certainly be continuing our quest to work with smaller artists - any suggestions?
We are also beginning production of personalised photo frames. These are just the perfect gift - you chose a frame from several designs, you chose a logo a font and fine-tune things - then upload you photo and we do the rest. You can see how your frame will look instantly on our sister website. 
There's plenty more in the pipeline too for the remainder of 2015

Chris, Jo and everybody at Tattypuss....