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France Bauduin - A Fantastic Feline Artist Whose Speciality is 'Cats in Action

Monday, 8 December 2014  |  Tattypuss

France is a very special artist who's gift is the ability to illustrate cats in great detail, yet somehow bring the painting alive. We feel we know and understand the subjects of her paintings - and expect them to come to life in front  of our eyes.

The characters in ‘Pot Pals’ (bottom right) and ‘Sleepy Heads’ (the kittens on our new Facebook cover picture) are Silver and Gold from the book Magnificat - by Marilyn Edwards. (You will find a graphite pencil rendition of ‘Sleepy Heads’ at the head of chapter 22).
France is mad about cats and this comes across powerfully in her paintings. You can see France's art and read a bit more about her in our Art section.  And we'll be writing a little bit more about her here before too long.