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Tattypuss Update 6th May: Caithness Moggies

Sunday, 6 May 2012  |  Tattypuss

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Moggies Paperweights by Caithness Glass
Moggies are now here! A collection of unusual cat paperweights designed by artist Sarah Peterson. (Sarah P) There are a number of different cats and kittens.  

The paperweights are all hand-made in Scotland. Each one is crafted by a team of two: a skilled glass-worker and an assistant. The body and head are formed separately then fused together then the features are pulled out from the hot glass. 
This skilled process ensures that each of these cat paperweights is beautifully formed and completely unique. A certificate card and personalised neck tag is included with each cat.

We currently have two cats and two kittens in stock. They can be found in our paperweights section. cat paperweights